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I went to the doctor’s yesterday. It was time to see if the new bi-ventricular pacemaker was fulfilling its promise. You know the promise…pace through all the PVC’s, help my heart work better than the last one. You know. The usual stuff. I was sitting patiently next to the computer. Very exciting because the computer interrogates my pace maker wirelessly. Denise and I sat there for maybe 5 minutes, eagerly awaiting the results.

As the nurse began speaking, I found myself in a surreal world. My universe seemed to slow to a fraction of real time, and the voice coming from the nurse was slurred and rolling off her tongue in slow motion. I was being paced at the same rate that the other machine paced me. About 85%. We were hoping that the new machine would pace at a rate greater than 90%. After all, it has the capability to pace over the PVC’s. To nobody’s surprise, the new pace maker is pacing over my PVC’s. The problem is that I am producing so many PVC’s, so fast, that the pace maker is still tripping on them. Our last ditch effort to get a better function from my heart did not work. To seal the deal, the BAMC’s head of electro physiology discarded the option for an oblation. He said there was nothing to be gained at this point to try an oblation. The last stand drug: Amioderone, is also set-aside as an option. The excuse was too complicated. I understood it when it was told to me, but I don’t dare try to repeat it.

So, once again Denise and I are presented with the only option on the table: heart transplant. Here’s the kicker for all you Obama health care fans; I need medicare to get the transplant. I can enroll next month (which I will) but the coverage does not take effect untill July. I must wait untill summer to pursue the procedure. Oh there is one other option. The VA Health Care System. They do transplants in Houston. The success rates are scary so I will respectfully decline that option. One of the hazards of socialized medicine. My heart failure and heart disease is rated 4D. I will continue to battle heart failure as I’ve been doing. With the help of the staff at BAMC, and my wife Denise, we will get through it and get back to Dr Kwan and the Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital next summer. I’ll keep you posted.


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