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I keep talking about getting out of just one week without drama. It is eight P.M., Wednesday evening and . . . well, all I can say is that this is not the week that escapes the drama. I am so tired of dealing with this. I cannot express clearly enough or with sufficient strength for you to understand how I am feeling at this moment in time. Earlier tonight I felt a couple of sharp pains running through my left thigh. Each only lasted a very brief moment. Maybe a second or two each. Later, it happened again, so I went to my bedroom, got in front of a mirror and dropped my drawers. Yes, I am talking about my pants.

Now it is at this point that I feel compelled to clarify what I am doing. It was not too many years ago that I would do this for fun, however the past decade was difficult, so I try to avoid mirrors nowadays. No. . . no, I was looking at my thighs, comparing them for size. I was figuring out if one leg was larger than the other. So I dropped my drawers and took a peek. I immediately had my answer. (sigh)

So you are wondering what the heck I am talking about? If you are a regular reader of the blog, or had read my first book, you would know that I get “Deep Vein Thrombosis” DVT periodically in my left thigh, and now it seems that I have that again. While a definitive diagnosis requires an untrasound machine or a CAT scan, I know from experience that the symptoms I am experiencing is most probably DVT. And to me, concluding that I have a DVT makes perfect sense.

DVT is a blood clot. I have had a sustained blood clot in more than one vein in my left leg for nearly ten years. The doctors call it a “chronic DVT”. Not to worry. They have treatments for this sort of stuff. Treatment that control or allow the body to reabsorb the blood clot. That is important to know because DVT’s may be life threatening. Blood clots or pieces of blood clots have been known to loosen up and travel. Travel to you brain and cause stroke, or travel to your heart and cause a heart attack, or travel to you lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism. By the way. That has happened to me, and I can tell you with confidence that it is no fun.  Any of those ailments can kill you. But like I said before, they have treatments for that sort of stuff and they have things you can do to prevent them. Well that certainly is good news.

For one thing, you can take medicine to prevent clotting. Things like “Plavix” or “Coumarin” help prevent the blood from clotting. Oh, did I tell you that I was on both, just a few months ago? The doctors agreed that I should be off of them in preparation for the transplant. That move , for me was completely understandable. And, they say you may reduce the likelihood of getting a DVT if you are not sedentary. That is good to know except…THAT IS ALL I CAN DO!!

Let me recap. I have a history of DVT, the doctors removed the medicines that help prevent it, and I am less active now that in any segment of my life. Adding to that, I measured the circumference of both legs for comparison. I used a spot three inches above my knees, then half way between that mark and my groin. In each instance, my left leg was two full inches bigger than the right side. What do you think? A DVT? Maybe. If I’ve learned anything on this journey, it is that there is no certainty in medicine. My home health nurse will be here in the morning. If she thinks it is a problem, I will probably be in the hospital by noon on Thursday.

Ok. I am back and decided NOT to tell my home health nurse. At least not yet. I measured my legs, and they were stable from yesterday’s readings, AND, I have a long history of DVT in that area, and it is not close to being as bad as it has been.

Please Note:  Do not do as I do. If you have or suspect you have a DVT seek medical help immediately. DVT is nothing to mess around with.

That being said, I know that as soon as I mention this, I will be sent to the emergency room, where they will begin an anti-coagulant such as Heparin and do an ultrasound. Then they will compare the readings to earlier images. That for me is a 50 – 50 shot of landing me in the hospital. My son, his three children and his dog are coming over today for a visit and dinner. We will dog sit for him for a week. I will not risk losing one of those moments with my son and grand son’s for this. I have a DVT. So what. I’ve had one for years. I will keep an eye on it and if it begins hurting me more, or my leg  increases in size, I will take myself to the hospital.  Just not now. Not today.

Every week, please join me in saying a prayer for the donors and their families. If you do not believe in prayer, perhaps you could send good thoughts and vibes their way. 

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